Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the name of your law office?


We are “Law Office of Joshua Y. Lee”.  However, there are some postings and places where we show up as “Law Office of Joshua Y. Lee & Associates”.  Our main office is 1440 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite 900, Fullerton, CA 92835.  Call or email us with additional questions.

Q: What kind of law do you practice?


Our Practice Areas page outlines our main focus areas. They break down to 1) employment law 2) business entities LLC / corporations and contracts and 3) auto-accident and other personal injury litigation.

Q: What other languages do you speak?


Joshua Y. Lee, Esq., is the lead attorney and he speaks both English and Korean.  When necessary, we hire translators or other professionals who speak Spanish and other languages.  If you have specific language requirements, we will either find someone to assist us or recommend another law office more suitable for you.  Contact us with more questions.

Q: What does Of Counsel mean?


An attorney on our website who is “Of Counsel” means that they are not a full-time employee but rather someone whom we work with on an on-going basis and with whom we have a trusted relationship. They are independent attorneys we associate closely with and hold in the highest regard.

Q: Do you represent employees or employers?


We would never knowingly engage in a conflict of interest with any of our former or present clients. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and duty of confidentiality and abide strictly by the attorney-client privilege. We represent mostly plaintiff employees who have a meritorious matter.  we also work with select small to mid sized businesses/employers for quick and cost effective resolutions of litigation and preventative policies and procedures to become and maintain compliance with California labor and employment laws.  Get started with a consultation.

Q: How do you determine your fees?


We sometimes offer free consultations when representing plaintiffs of contingency employment or personal injury matters. Where business or personal needs require advice, reviewing documents, setting up a corporation or LLC, drafting contracts, or similar situations, we must charge a fee for our time.  Our fees are reasonable and we take a lot of factors into account.  We will always be up front about any potential costs and ensure you are well aware ahead of time and also agree to them before proceeding forward.  Contact us to discuss your situation and figure out a fee structure that might work best.

Q: Do you take referrals?


Yes. In fact, referrals are always welcomed and a preferred way of getting new clients.  Because of the rules of professional conduct and code of ethics that lawyers are held to, we have unique arrangements for a) lawyers and b) non-lawyers. Contact us for further details.

Q: Any advice regarding Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, Harassment, and other Employment Law matters?


Call (714) 616-4466 or email us for a free a consultation.  These are very fact specific matters where the value and overall probability of success depends heavily on the evidence as well as timing.  There are statute of limitations considerations, thus it is advisable that you speak to an attorney sooner rather than later regarding these type of concerns.  Also, if you are already being sued and recently got served, it is best to contact an attorney immediately.  The longer you wait the less time your lawyer has to figure out a strategy and preserve any rights you may have.

Q: What should I do after an auto-accident?


Call (714) 616-4466 or email us for a free a consultation.  Our Practice Areas page does a good job of outlining what to do.  However, the most important thing is to take care of your health.  Without ensuring proper attention to injuries, nothing else matters.  Ensure you and your loved ones are safe and get medical attention.  Leave the legal problems and worries to us.  Part of that means to contact an attorney as soon as possible and don’t talk to anybody.  What you say may be used against you and could hurt your case without you intending it to do so.

Q: Client testimonials?


Yes. We do not usually ask for written testimonials but always appreciate a good meaningful review of our services.  You may find some of our clients’ reviews on

Note: These reviews are not an advertisement or in any way an indication, prediction, or guarantee or warranty of the outcome of your specific case.  Every case is unique and the facts are always different which greatly affect the outcome. 

Q: Do you have a blog or Facebook page?


Yes. From time to time we may post some interesting cases, legal information or other interesting reads on our Facebook page or elsewhere on this site.  The postings are not legal advice, advertisement or solicitation of any kind.  We only practice in California and the postings are merely provided for information.

Q: What is the difference between Worker‘s Compensation (Worker’s Comp) and Labor and Employment Law?


Employment Law vs. Worker’s Compensation. I often get called from a potential client asking if I do Employment Law and after hearing the facts, determining that it’s actually a worker’s comp matter. Likewise, the reverse also occurs. This article is here to help clarify the difference.

Employment laws primarily focus on rules/laws/regulations around treating employees fairly in the workplace and prevent employers from taking advantage of them.  Most commonly, these laws fall under two categories: (Wage & Hour) – Guaranteed minimum wage, ensuring proper overtime and breaks, and proper classification of exempt v. non-exempt employees v. independent contractor issues or (Unlawful discrimination against the Fair Employment and Housing Act – the FEHA) – Which provides protections against unlawful discrimination for protected class or conduct; such as being bullied or treated badly at work because of/as a motivating factor of/as a substantial factor due to your race, ethnicity, disability, request for disability leave or accommodation, pregnancy, request for pregnancy leave or accommodation, military status, religious beliefs, age – if over 40, gender, and other categories enumerated under the law.  What is not listed is not covered.  Employment attorneys either prosecute offenders for damages or defend employers when such a lawsuit comes their way and also provide advisory service to correct and clean up internal practices of the business operations.  Labor law involves unions and is the same as employment law with the added grievance procedures under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) which must be followed before the employment laws can be enforced.

Worker’s Compensation, on the other hand, is essentially medical care and leave rights for job related injuries. Think of this as what happens when you throw your back for loading a truck at work, getting carpel tunnel syndrome due to excessive and repetitive movements from your job, and stress leave as it pertains to your job related anxiety. There is some overlap between Employment law discrimination type violations and worker’s compensation because these inherently personal offenses trigger rights under both disciplinary areas of law. Further questions can be asked of any employment law or worker’s compensation attorney in California.

Q: Why should I hire a lawyer?


You hire a lawyer because you want professional advice and the best possible outcome for your case.

  1. My case is too small for a lawyer, It’s not necessary to hire a lawyer:  Some cases are too small for a lawyer to get involved.  This is true.  Small claims court is for individuals who sue for under $10,000.  However, our firm and others offer small claims advice, consultation, and assistance.  A lawyer cannot go to court on your behalf (except in an appeal) but can prepare your case for you and help you maximize your chance of success.  You are best served if you feel prepared and therefore have confidence walking into the courtroom.  Also, the phone call is free.  It costs you nothing to get some basic questions answered.
  2. Hiring a lawyer will make things more complicated:  Hiring the “wrong” lawyer might have this outcome but in general it should not be the case.  Also, if you have a complex matter, all the more reason to hire a professional.  In either case, hire an attorney qualified and experienced in your area of need should be the exact opposite.  You should feel a sense of relief to have the burdens lifted from your shoulders and have someone you trust to answer your questions and handle the tricky complex legal stuff.  Because none of us have a time machine (that I know of), trying to take care of a possible employment law or personal injury case yourself, including severance or settlement agreements, will almost certainly have the effect of damaging your case in some way.  First, you cannot unsay things that were said.  You may get trapped into making a comment or answering a tricky question.  Once said, the other party will have on record you making a certain statement.  If you then later retract that statement, you’ll lose all credibility and essentially torpedo any chance of being taken seriously.  Also, you’re giving the other side a free “read” on your personality and willingness to fight.  By having an attorney communicate on your behalf, they are in the dark about “what makes you tick” (other than the feelings strategically communicated to the opposing side by your attorney).  Not having a lawyer already sends the message you either don’t understand the legal significance of your case or that you don’t care.  Neither is helpful to a positive outcome.  How the law applies in real life and specifically your situation requires an attorney.  Google is great but doesn’t replace experience or law school.  Going back to a previous point, you communicate that you either don’t understand how important your situation is or that you don’t care enough to hire a professional.  Third, a lawyer will make sure they don’t try to get away with pulling a fast one that they could normally get away with when dealing with a lay person.  Finally, think of it this way, if you had cancer you would not perform surgery on yourself.  This is true even if you were a doctor who got ill.  Why would you then try to take care of a legal surgery on yourself?  Even experienced lawyers hire other lawyers because as the old adage goes “a lawyer who represents himself in a legal battle has fool for a client”.  Hiring a lawyer takes all of the burdens off your shoulders so you can live your life, focus on work and taking care of your health, and have time for your family.  Only a lawyer not personally involved in your case can give you the best objective advice.  Leave the medical issues to your doctor and legal issues to your attorney.
  3. Hiring a lawyer is expensive:  Most lawyers who practice personal injury, auto accident, medical malpractice, and employment law cases do so on a contingency.  That means no money is required out of your pocket.  The lawyer instead shares the risk and does the work without getting paid until there is a successful outcome at settlement or judgment at trial.  Then the lawyer takes a percentage at the end of the recovery that was earned.  much of the time a lawyer works many years on a case without getting paid.  Some of those cases can be $hundreds of thousands to $$millions of dollars.  Is it too much to pay your lawyer a percentage of the outcome he/she worked so hard to get for you and also waited to be paid sharing the risk along the way?  I would hope not.  Actual fees / percentages differ and are negotiable in California.  They differ by experience and skill of the lawyer and also the area of law among other factors.  Personal injury is typically 33.33% to start and goes up from there and employment law typically starts at 40% and is negotiable from there.

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